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FILI Programme for translators of Finland-Swedish literature

You can now apply for a Translator-in-Residence Programme that we have in cooperation with FILI - Finnish Literature Exchange. FILI organises an annual Translator-in-Residence Programme in Villa Salin, Helsinki. Our guests, connected to this programme, will stay at our Satama House in Ekenäs.


The application period is from 2.11 - 15.12.2022. All applicants will be informed on 22.12.2022. 


The residency is open to literary translators of Finland-Swedish literature living outside Finland who have a book translation in progress. 

The Translator-in-Residence Programme includes accommodation, a stipend (300€) and partial reimbursement of travel costs*. It is open to applications for translators who:

• live outside Finland

• translate literature from the Finland-Swedish language into their own mother tongue

• are working on a translation of a fiction or non-fiction book to be published

The residency takes place from 27.2. - 19.3.2023 (NB! The period at Satama House can be extended for up to 3 months maximum, if required). There is only space for 1 translator or a couple at a time.


The translators from Finland-Swedish selected for a stipend at our Satama House will be connected (for exchange) to the 5-6 translators who are staying at Villa Salin, located in Helsinki’s Lauttasaari district. Further opportunities for exchange can be explored (such as with the Goethe Institute in Helsinki). 


* Up to 150€ from Nordic and Baltic countries, up to 350€ from other European countries and up to 700€ for all other countries.


For more information please contact:

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