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You can now apply for a Translator-in-Residence Programme that we have in cooperation with FILI - Finnish Literature Exchange. FILI organises an annual Translator-in-Residence Programme in Villa Salin, Helsinki. Our guests, connected to this programme, will stay at our Satama House in Ekenäs.

The application period is from 30.10 - 12.11.2023. The residency will take place from 26.02.-17.03.2024.


The residency is open to literary translators of Finland-Swedish literature living outside Finland who have a book translation in progress. 

The Translator-in-Residence Programme includes accommodation, a stipend and partial reimbursement of travel costs. It is open to applications for translators who:

• live outside Finland

• translate literature from the Finland-Swedish language into their own mother tongue

• are working on a translation of a fiction or non-fiction book to be published


There is only space for 1 translator or a couple at a time.


The translators from Finland-Swedish selected for a stipend at our Satama House will be connected (for exchange) to the 5-6 translators who are staying at Villa Salin, located in Helsinki’s Lauttasaari district. Further opportunities for exchange can be explored (such as with the Goethe Institute in Helsinki). 

For more information please contact:

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